Why write about anxiety disorder depression help?

Hi, I'm Jennifer Orpen
Author, publisher and owner of this website.

Jennifer Orpen of Anxiety Disorder Depression Help

Anxiousness and persistent, depressive episodes have been part of my life for what seems like forever. I believed it was who I was. Something to put up with. Big mistake!

Needless to say,...

I was stumped why it was so hard to feel settled. Have the enthusiasm to get involved in anything. Or, feel at ease with myself.

But, slowly, patterns jumped out:

Sensing danger at the slightest change, especially with an uncertain outcome. Even if no real threat was obvious. When predictable points in time, like Christmas or September, rolled around, inexplicable depression snuck in.

What was up with that? 

Surprisingly, restlessness and frustration hoisted up a long-forgotten fun thing to do. Chasing after what made me curious.

I wanted to know why. And, how this was happening. Feeling gloomy all the time was no longer an option I wanted to live with.

Instead of shrinking in fear, a turnaround was coming on. I was more aware. And, discovered  some changes are doable. Life could be enjoyed again. If I gave it a chance.

An about-face

Research is something I love sinking my teeth into. Uncover 'not-so-obvious' tidbits of information. Glue them together. And, find ways to make the picture bright and appealing.

It may explain why fly fishing, especially with nymphs, is one of my favorite things to do.

Good technique is needed to attract fish that scare easily. Noticing subtle changes, nature-wise, makes a difference, too. This to even have a prayer of getting a bite. And, patience? You need a boatload if you want to catch one. (Or more!)


Back to exploring anxiety disorder and help for depression...

It became easier to understand how a little background and testing reinforces the case for mind/body connection. That, what you feel, comes from what you think. And, how you think, affects how you physically feel.

This opened the door to look into...

Thinking patterns. Where they come from. Which ones hurt. Which ones help.

Best of all, how to shoot for healthy ones. In particular, where urging leads to knowledge of soul gifts.

Add this to...

Doses of common sense. Finding out-of-the-box options to feel better. And, experiencing respect for the tried-and-true that works.

At that moment...

I wanted to collect this knowledge and put it together into a website. But, knew nothing about setting one up. Solo Build It! came across my radar screen. What a time-saver this has turned out to be!

It's a perfect fit. There's no headache of having to figure out the techie side of website building. You may decide Solo Build It! can be a breakthrough for you. Not sure? Call the number below, ask questions and find out.

Know, if you do sign up, I'll receive a small commission. It helps support this website.

In closing...

Anxiety-Disorder-Depression-Help.com is all about sharing my insights and discoveries with you. So you can decide what works for you. And, live the life you can have.

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