Anti Anxiety Medications
Fed Up With Anger?

Some anti anxiety medications have a stunning side effect. Can leave you unnerved. And, feeling guilty. Why put up with anger when you can chill it fast? Without hurting anyone...including you.

Anti Anxiety Medications

They can be a lifesaver. In the nick of time, the drugs help when anxiousness is acute. Or, overpowering. 


There could be a surprising side effect...Anger.

Your fuse is short. The smallest thing grates. And, you explode. You might even run and hide...feeling ashamed.

How could anti anxiety medications do this? After all, they're supposed to calm you down.


Anger is instinctive. And, serves to protect. Against pain, in particular. But, other situations can irk, even make you rage...

  • You feel invaded. Needing space. Maybe...lot's of it.
  • Domination. Feeling stepped on? Maybe you're the one that likes to stomp on others. 
  • You're not getting what you want. Or, need.

Deep fears may be cropping up. It's no wonder you lash out. Anti anxiety drugs are meant to subside symptoms. And, don't deal with the root of the problem.


When taking anti-anxiety medications, skipping meals isn't smart. It triggers the survival instinct. Feeling bad-tempered, your body is telling you, “Pay attention, feed me!” 

Serotonin levels drop. This has links with hostility. With low serotonin, it's much harder to control anger.

If you tend to ditch meals, it may be time to rethink the habit. Or, at the very least, munch on nutritious snacks throughout the day.

Don't quite know what to eat?  Check out this page by Good Housekeeping with 10 Healthy Make-Ahead Snacks To Keep You Satisfied.

It's a slideshow.  So be sure to click the '>' arrow to the right of the each image to see them all. The recipe for each one is underneath the photo. They're simple, easy to do.


The amygdala, in your brain, identifies threats. An emotional charge, like anger, triggers it. Before you even think of consequences.

Problem is...

Whether you blow up or stuff it, even with anti anxiety medications, anger triggers the 'flight or fight' response.  The very thing you want to calm down in anxiety disorder, where the alarm bells don't turn off.

The wind down is tricky, too. The smallest thing can set you off again on a blistering rampage.


You can quickly change the amygdala's response to anger. Here's how...

Essential oils

Our sense of smell directly connects to the brain's emotional center and memory. Smells can be pleasant, neutral or gross. Factors the amygdala uses to determine situations.

Essential oils can have a profound effect. Pleasant smells crowd out negative information. And, calm the amygdala.

To cool rage, and I like to use highest quality oils, this combination is one of my favorites. The aroma soothes, yet penetrates.


  • 3 drops of Rose Otto
  • 4 drops of Neroli
  • 2 drops of Jasmine 

...on a kleenex. Hold under your nose. Close your eyes. And, inhale deeply, several times.

The pleasing fragrance lingers on a kleenex. Even after 15 hours. Take whiffs, every so often, to remind your amygdala there's no threat going on.

Guiding anger out safely

When anti-anxiety medications unleash anger, it wants to get out. Somewhere...anywhere. Acupressure, on specific points, can release it...harmlessly.

Imagine not stressing about words spilling out of your mouth before you can take them back. Or, feeling sheepish, because you realize you do have a temper.

If you're seething after taking anti anxiety medication, these next tips give safe anger relief...

Anti Anxiety Medications Acupressure Anger Relief - Finger
  • Hold firmly the third, middle finger of your right hand.
  • Take slow, deep breaths.
  • Hold till your boiling point drops and softens.


Anti Anxiety Medications Acupressure Anger Relief - Fingertip

On your third, middle finger, hold the tip, at the base of the nail, like this...

Breathe slowly. And, you'll calm down.

Here's yet another way to release anger from the effect of anti anxiety medications. It isn't a quick go-to. But, superb when you have an axe to grind and want to simmer down.

Anti Anxiety Medications - Foot Accupressure Points to Release Anger
  • Probe areas 1, 2 then 3 till you find each spot that feels tender. These are your targets.
  • Using your thumb or index finger, apply pressure in a small, circular, counterclockwise motion on point 1. 
  • Then, go to point 2. Do the same thing. 
  • Finish by applying pressure on point 3.

Calming down anger the easy way

The autonomic nervous system controls several body functions. To name a few, there's blood pressure, breathing rate, digestion and metabolism (think weight gain/loss).

Depending on signals it receives, one of 2 main divisions becomes activated. The other waits its turn to get going. Back and forth they go, constantly.

One of these is the sympathetic nervous system – SNS. It serves to protect via the 'freeze, flight or fight' response. The mildest stress activates it. As your breathing and heart rate accelerate, it shows SNS in action.

Anger triggers the flight or fight response. Even when taking an anti anxiety drug. You may, for example, start thinking about getting tips to reduce Xanax to lessen anger's constant interference.

Fact is, when you're irritated, the sympathetic nervous system - SNS - kicks in.

The other main division is the parasympathetic nervous system – PNS.  It helps you feel relaxed, calmer. And, exists so you can have downtime and recover. At ease, and undisturbed.

You can effect a switch-over from SNS to PNS and activate it. Sending the message to your brain...All is well, 'danger' has passed.

Here's how...

Tools to activate PNS

After a burst of anger, right off the bat...

Control your breathing. Take in a full breath, as deep as you can go. Hold for 1-2 seconds. Then, slowly exhale. Repeat. Do this for about 60 seconds.

Another nifty way to activate PNS is to yawn.With special emphasis on slow exhaling. Relax your tongue while doing so. Deep sighing helps, too.

Parasympathetic fibers are located in facial muscles. Use fingertips to lightly massage eyelids, the area around your eyes and nostrils. Play with your upper lip.

One last thing, but...


Do be extra careful with this tip if your anxiety disorder is severe, or panic easily surfaces. Consult your doctor first, to avoid distressing surprises.

Here's the deal...

Cold water face immersion works magnificently to chill anger, a possible side effect of anti anxiety medications.

Fill a large bowl with ice cold water. Hold your breath, dip your face in the water. Say, for 5 seconds. You may notice 30 seconds up to 1 minute does the trick and stops your anger cold. A 10-second face dip works wonders for me.


Put ice cubes in a resealable plastic freezer bag. Let it get cold. Then, run it over your eyes, forehead and face.

The plastic may feel too harsh on your skin. Then, wet a thin cloth, wrap it around the bag and apply. Once done, put the plastic bag in a freezer. The next time you get hot under the collar, it'll be there for you.

Anti anxiety medications can have an unnerving side effect, anger. Use tips on this page to cool or release it safely. Friends and loved ones won't believe how clever you are at handling grouchiness.

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