Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
Decoding Them

Tired of anxiety disorder symptoms dictating your life as an adult? Make them work for you instead of against you. You'll trust yourself more. And, feel the thrill of freedom knowing you can choose how to cope.

Healthy anxiety helps you finish projects. Strive to do well. And, can help relationships grow rich beyond your dreams.


Excessive anxiousness has the opposite effect. Doubt and fear, paralyze. Safety behaviors, to lessen uneasiness, can box you in. Now, you're frustrated and discouraged.

The problem is,...

How you've coped, could be keeping you from getting real satisfaction out of your life.

Anxiety becomes a disorder when it...

  • Is overboard and lasts.
  • Screws up daily living.
  • Eats up your time avoiding anxiety.

Symptoms can be medically unexplained. Stubborn. And, the greater the upset, the worse they become.

Knowing signs

Anxiety disorder symptoms can be hard to sort out. Maybe, you didn't even want to. And, dulled them with anti-anxiety drugs. Reducing Xanax use is one example where fogginess can lose its grip so you can think more clearly.

And, can help why understanding your own distinct patterns of anxiety becomes important.

You can mull over...

  • How your symptoms appear.
  • What situations make them worse.

It could be weight loss supplements you've just started taking. A thyroid gland hormone gone out of balance. Or, too much stimulation, 'noise', going on in your environment.

Better still,...

Cut loose your thoughts and observations. Write them out as you please.  Let them sit for a day or two then read. Reread...slowly. You'll absorb the info and figure out what's going on.

All the better if you read the material out loud. You'll notice what's important and remember.

  • Does it make sense? If not,...
  • What needs to be tweaked so it's clear to you?
  • What stands out?
  • Which symptoms affect you the most? Why?

Spotting clues can reassure. You'll feel more in control. Quickly learn to connect the dots. And, won't be blind-sided by puzzling symptoms.

Think about it...

You're getting a peek at what happens to you when uneasiness creeps in. The pull-away gives room to think. You can focus. Later, this will help you get out of crisis when you need and want to.


The extra time can put the breaks on the fight or flight response before it springs loose.

Anxiety disorder symptoms...Going in deep

Learn more about your anxiety disorder symptoms by writing down...

Thinking about anxiety disorder symptoms
  • What goes on when signs appear.
  • When, exactly, you feel 'different'.
  • Which symptoms become obvious.

Your state of mind changes, too...

  • What do you think about?
  • What fears pop up?
  • What scares you most? Why?

Perhaps you'd like a different approach. So, click on this link "As Easy as ABC" written by Jim Pollard. And, check out how Kathleen Adams uses her journal to let it all out.

How you get relief

The ways you cope tell the story of your quality of life. And, where you stand to gain insight on habits that work. And, those that don't.

  • What do you do, specifically, to get relief? 
  • Does it help you feel better? For how long?
  • How does it affect on your life?
  • Do you feel good about yourself afterwards? If not, why not?

The information can turn out to be priceless for an anxiety disorder test. And, can serve as a measuring stick while you improve ways to cope.

You become more aware of your anxiety disorder symptoms. Feel the confidence ooze while your ability to notice gets better. And, it'll be easier to share with the doctor, what is important to you. Treatment is then focused on meeting your needs.

A de-motivator

Depression often tags along with anxiety disorder. And, clinical depression does affect how you function.  Worse, it blocks your urge to get help.

If persistent gloom doesn't help deal with anxiety, ask yourself...

Do you feel...?

  • Helpless. Defeated.
  • Dead, unmotivated to do anything.

...Depression treatment can help bring back motivation. You'll, then, have a much better chance at managing anxiety disorder.

The more you know

…about your anxiety disorder symptoms, the better you can handle them. You'll be ecstatic because you now can choose how to cope. Feel satisfied you're doing the best you can. And, upbeat about discovering you're not helpless, after all.

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