Anxiety Symptoms
Stopping Panic

Anxiety symptoms can scare the daylights out of you. Misread them and it could lead to anxiety sensitivity. A recipe for anxiety disorder. And, depression. How can you stop the panic when awful sensations bulldoze their way in?  

Anxiousness can get you going. Or, paralyze. The 'fight or flight' response in all its glory.

Try as you might...

As anxiety swells, it's almost impossible to put the brakes on 'fight or flight' once it starts. As soon as a threat is sensed, your brain kicks in. And, triggers super uncomfortable sensations to get you out fast. Whether danger is real or not.


Anxiety symptoms can really be scary. They come on strong. And, just like that, fear of dying is all you think of.


Keep in mind, even if this is hard to believe...

  • Anxiety is normal. It protects when there's real danger.
  • It doesn't harm.
  • Isn't dangerous to your health. 

All the same,...

Your mind can play gruesome tricks. And, where the problem is.

Fear of anxiety symptoms

With mild symptoms, you're still in control. It's easy to think straight. And, plan what to do.


Intense anxiety-related symptoms give nowhere near that effect. Misread them...believe they're more than they really are, and...anxiety sensitivity could develop.

One by one, a muscle cramp, tremor, wave of nausea, chest pain, paralysis, name it...raises the hair on your neck. Every time.

Let sensitivity to symptoms become habit and anxiety disorder could be on its way. Click the link to find 4 signs of the 'acute' in anxiety disorder. It'll give you an idea of what's in store.

Anxiety sensitivity also opens the door to depression. What gets crushed? The key to overcome clinical depression.

How could being so tuned in to what you feel, make you worry so much? Fear of feeling anxious.
Guess what happens?

The first trigger of danger quickly fades away. But, symptoms become the new threat. And, a vicious cycle is born.
Fear feeds symptoms. Symptoms worsen the fear. Watch for that full-blown anxiety attack. Because it could happen.

The trick is to...

Deaden the fear. Till it loses its power over you. And, avoiding it isn't the way. Find out why in “Running Toward Fear: The Key to Reducing Anxiety” by Kevin D. Arnold.

Taming scared thinking

 Fear of losing your ability to think, such as...

  • Awareness
  • How you think things through
  • Judging
  • Remembering 

...have close ties with anxiety symptoms.

And, look at this...

Anxiety explodes when you throw these into the mix...

  • Fear of failing.
  • Negative thinking. 

The “I can't...” that races through so fast you don't even notice it. Negative, always-the-same kind of thinking hides this deadly mindset.

Think on inner conversations you've had with yourself. You'd be surprised – maybe shocked – by how often these thoughts swim fast and loose in your head.

Except...You have more control than you think.

But,...might need some help with.

Cognitive therapy can break down these hurtful patterns of thinking.


  • Understand where they come from.
  • How it affects you.
  • Develop ways to change what feeds anxiety.

Just think about it...

The pressure of not knowing what to do, disappears. You feel less afraid. With freedom to choose what works for you.

Misreading anxiety symptoms is a sure-fire way to develop fear of riding them out. But, you can replace thinking that makes you feel worse. Kill the dread. And, build your confidence to handle anxiety.

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