Clinical Depression
Loneliness - What's YOUR Best Tip?

Flirted with clinical depression? You may have had to fight off loneliness. Beat it? What an amazing breakthrough! Broadcast your winning equation to feel better. We want to know about it.

Anxiety disorder can trap. Make you feel like you're in a prison cell. And, the guards make sure you stay there. They are the symptoms of anxiety. When depression is thrown in, the penalty's harsh. It may seem like solitary confinement.

No wonder loneliness creeps in.

Yet, solitude may have given you the hustle to drum up a thing or two for soothing the pain of feeling excluded. And, give you comfort.

What kind of a method have you discovered that works for you?
Perhaps it is listening to a special piece of music. Watching a lava motion lamp. Or, toying with stuff in your gadget drawer.

Fact is...

The brief let-up may just have given you the breather you wanted. Needed. And,t doesn't matter how odd it may seem. Whatever starts the ball rolling to snuff out loneliness, counts.

Clue us in on your scoop. It can encourage this site's visitors who are stuck. And, want to cut short the feeling of isolation.

Whatever makes it happen for you, qualifies...

Clinical Depression...Tips for Loneliness

What edge did you discover to soothe the pain of feeling disconnected? Do tell! Have more than one? Even better.


Shout out the one you're especially proud of.

A visitor's eyes may light up reading your tip. Hope springs. And, the inspiration to try it becomes a possibility. What a nice feeling it is to know you may have helped another feel better.

The Invitation

Below is an invitation to chip in and tell us your story of how to curb loneliness. We sincerely appreciate your input. And, thank you for it. Visitors do, too.

Share your experience of beating loneliness by telling us what, when, where, how you found the answer. It can help another when it's most needed. How cool is that?

And,...It's a nice way to pay it forward.

Have fun with your story. We can't wait!

Enter a title for your loneliness tip by scrolling down to the box below.Then, click on the link (in blue). A large box appears. With a few questions to help you along. Just type in after each one. Fire away.

Clinical Depression | Dream Up a Tip to Banish Loneliness?

What is YOUR lifesaver to conquer loneliness? Fill us in. It could be a terrific key for anxiety disorder, too!

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