Clinical Depression
Miss Your Family?

Clinical depression wakes up feelings of isolation. You miss your family, your friends. Hate the loneliness, especially while managing anxiety disorder. And, you want the pain to stop.

Feeling depressed can creep in for no reason. Or, a major shift, like sickness, childbirth, feeling unfulfilled at work, shuts you down.

You may...

  • Be alone, facing hardship.
  • Have to make unwanted changes to your routine.
  • Endure crushing demands. In relationships, with money, school or work.

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Clinical Depression...

Clinical depression changes how you think, how you feel, how you act. Anxiousness may be in the picture. To know more about where it comes from, here's the nitty gritty on what is anxiety.

What's more,...

The illness has a symptom that jerks you around while you try to recover.  And, affects how you deal with anxiety disorder. It is lack of motivation.

Having meaning or a purpose in life opens up how you can enjoy living. It disappears when you're depressed. Pleasure is cut off. And, there's a whole lot of “Why is this happening to me?”


After more than two weeks of indifference, fatigue and the blues, it's time to take a look at what's happening to you.

Clinical depression ravages what counts in your life. And, what you lose, hurts the most...Connection to what makes you happy. Just like in agoraphobia, do you have a portable safe zone?

It can be how tender you feel when hugged. The fun schmoozing with friends. Or, the peace felt while dabbling in a prized hobby.
What else has disappeared in your life?


How badly do you want them back?

Check out Sara Maude's 7 Tips for a Happy Life. Don't be thrown by the example she gives early on. Do scroll down and note #1, 2 and 4. #6 is outstanding.

Putting off help

The urge in depression is to 'suck it up'. Wait it out. But, friends notice. Your family does, too. In the dumps, you pull away and silently fall apart.

Clinical depression often interferes with wanting to get help. Yet, it's exactly what will pull you out of indifference.

Dopamine, the 'feel good' neurotransmitter, influences the anticipation of doing what you love to do. In a blue funk? Dopamine's level sinks. Pleasure no longer means anything to you. The thrill  is gone.

It's why depression treatment to improve motivation, is one way to get your 'spice of life' juices flowing again.

Make no mistake…

Clinical depression won't fade away on its own. The longer you go without medical help, the harder it is to beat.

While we're at it,...

Feeling depressed often goes hand in hand with anxiety disorders, where the 'fight,flight or freeze response' doesn't shut off. Serotonin, a brain chemical, regulates mood, sleep and appetite. It goes out of whack in both disorders.


  • Depressive periods take longer to recover from.
  • More drugs may be needed.
  • Other depressions can sneak in later on.

Bottom line

Getting your motivation back is key to handling anxiety disorder. It sets the pace for you to get better. And, melt feelings of isolation.


You'll find it easier to carry on routines helping you relax. Stick with a medication schedule. And, build new, better coping tactics. In short, motivation nurses your bruised self esteem so you can thrive.

Make the move and go to the doctor experienced with depression and anxiety disorders. The tools are there and up for grabs so you can get back to what you love to do.

Cognitive therapy helps with thinking that hurts you. Antidepressants can lift mood and straighten out sleep patterns. Give you time to stabilize.

Reviving your senses

There are ways, right at home, where you can stop the pain of loneliness. It's with your senses. And, to do with kicking in feelings of pleasure. As depression self help, an underused tool can revive the joie de vivre you've been longing for.

Often overlooked, your sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing, can be effective to help you reconnect with sweet sensations.Try this repeat winner for overcoming social anxiety. You'll feel soothed. More willing to later get involved with your favorite people.

Have you tried these?

  • Long, hot showers with plenty of creamy soap. Watch the froth ooze its way to the drain. It mesmerizes. You're in the moment while this pulls your mind away from dark thinking.
  • Shave with lots of lather. Afterwards, glide fingers over your skin and register the softness.
  • Soak in a bubbly bath by candlelight. It will help you relax. Stay in long enough to loosen up.

Take your time to dry off. Put on a favorite-smelling moisturizer. Splash on an amazing balm. Afterwards, bundle up in a clean bathrobe so you're warm and comfortable. You'll feel like a million bucks.

Want to stay in bed?

  • Scent pillows lightly with linen spray with an aroma that gets your attention and pleases you.
  • To feel settled and cozy, nuzzle into bed with your best, clean sheets and a favorite blanket or comforter. 

Treat your taste-buds, too!

  • Eat favorite, comfort-food meals.
  • Ask your family to help out with best-loved dishes. They'll be glad to take part in your efforts to get better. And, this can warm your heart.
  • Mid-morning, have mouth-watering, nourishing smoothies. Or, sip calming teas.

Take time after you wake up, and before bedtime, to...

  • Brush your teeth slowly and gently so you feel clean.
  • Like mouthwash? Go for it! It'll roll out likable bursts of flavor and freshness.

Unlearning helplessness

Helplessness can develop when what happens to you isn't under your control. Feeling down and out, with no escape, makes this feeling worse.

There may be attempts at getting out of the black mood. With failures to show for it. Eventually, comes this acceptance that what you feel, is a done deal. You've given up. And, behave as if nothing can be done about feeling depressed.

Helplessness no longer is a fleeting moment of powerlessness. It's become learned. And, a habit. The good news is, the pattern can be broken.


Rediscover what really matters to you. This takes self-examination. Granted, it takes effort. And, may not even excite you. Keep at it. Pleasant memories will surface.

In addition,...

Do what you can to feel better. It gets you moving. This is sorely needed during clinical depression. But, what you notice is the trick. For example, try these quick tips if anti anxiety medications trigger anger. They'll work for you, too.

You'll reconnect to what feels pleasant.

Warmth and coziness. Smells that soothe. Flavors in food that wake you up. Let your mind register and recognize friendly sensations.

Small steps like these, won't cure the mood disorder. But, they do help 'unlearn' helplessness. You'll feel peaceful. Encouraged. Your loved ones will be happy to see the change. And, you won't hang back from them as much. 

That being said...

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It's easy to underrate how...

...Clinical depression affects everything that matters. Remember whats important to you. It can be THE nudge to get you going and find help. Don't you want the ones you feel close to, back in your life?

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