Depression Self Help
A Startling No-Brainer

As depression self help, an under-used tool could melt disinterest. And, lure you into activity, a depression-killer. Do you want to be a repeat winner?

Depression paints a cold truth...The fire's gone out. Sensitive to this reality, you become your own worst critic. And, isolation, a partner you're stuck with.

Inactivity, a byproduct of feeling depressed, makes things worse.


Your body shuts down. Pain lingers. Built-in natural antidepressants don't get a chance to circulate and help you feel better.


We're designed to move. It stimulates appetite. Shuts down junky cravings. Mood bubbles and is upbeat.

Here's the deal...

Activity decreases depression.

Waiting for motivation to kick in first, is a road going nowhere. Brain chemicals have gone out of whack. Same as in anxiety disorder. And, it takes time to debug the instability.


The key is to get moving, even if you don't feel like it. It may likes it's impossible. However, small chunks of activity can solve this fussy problem.

Your body clues in on the change. The mind catches on. And, motivation glides in before you know it.

The clincher...

As depression self-help, an under-used tool can shatter the gloom. Make you a repeat winner. And, conquer low self esteem.

Here's how it works...

Do You Reward Yourself?

Celebrating achievements is a fast track to mental health. Even when depressed, you can applaud the tiniest of victories. Each triumph, one after the other, anchors the belief  “I can feel better."

When you reward yourself, doors fly open to feel pleasure. Enjoyment. Victory...over misery. Every time you give yourself a prize to cheer an achievement, the value of YOU springs back to life.

What's the secret?

Your brain loves surprises. And, looks forward to goals, especially rewards. It's where depression self help works its magic.

Depression Self Help – Brain Prep

No one knows you like you.

Dream of perks you want to give yourself. Make a list. And, think about what your wallet can take. Gifts must make financial sense. Why add extra stress?

Prizes can be modest. But, no less enjoyable. Others, juicy. Reserve those for special achievements.

Simple pleasures count, too. Burying your nose in fresh-smelling clothing after they've dried outdoors. Watching fireworks. Or, tripping on favorite tunes you'd forgotten about.

The key is to crave the prize. It'll train your brain to connect with what makes you feel good. The treat must please you. And, it's important to give yourself permission to enjoy it.

You may find gifts irresistible when they touch on...

  • Religious or spiritual themes.
  • Physical movement, games or relaxation.
  • Erotica.
  • Health, hygiene.

They may be...

  • Events. An outdoor festival, car races, visiting landmarks.
  • What you like to have. Keepsakes, frills. Tools.
  • Activities that used to be fun. A hobby, watching a movie, browsing, idolizing.

The point is...

When you score a victory over any effort to get moving, it's a celebration.

As a guide to depression self help, give yourself the reward immediately after an accomplishment. Don't put it off. And, make a promise not to feel bad after you've given it to yourself.

Looking for more ideas to treat yourself? Check out readers' comments  in Gretchen Rubins's What Are Your Treats? At a glance, remarks may seem ordinary. Don't let this fool you. They may help you remember little things you used to love to do. And, trigger a fancy to give yourself treats once again.

Five-Star Results

A prize loses its shine when it's expected. Gifting yourself every day for an effort gets boring, fast. But, changing when you can reward yourself, and to change this often, keeps the fire of promise stoked.

For example...

An activity to get you moving, is making your bed. Or, try one of the tips to sleep better with depression medication. You'll find other ideas to get active further down the page.


Shoot to go at it for 2 days in a row. Give yourself a treat. Then, go at it 4 more straight days. Grab another goodie.


Go back to 2 straight days. Time for another reward. Then, make your bed for 5 days in a row and grab a majestic prize.

After each triumph, mark it on a calendar with a beaming smiley face. Use a bright marking pen.

Watch victory notches pile on. They show you're coming out of a standstill. What seemed impossible, happened.

Want to give yourself extra special goodies?

Add another rule...Do a stellar job of your project.

For example, taking a shower and putting on clean, fresh clothes. Putting dishes away and cleaning the kitchen counter top. Or, blowing the socks off a tip your anxiety disorder specialist gave. It all counts.

Your sense of satisfaction will soar. And, it's a honey of a deal because your self esteem gets a boost.

Scared to feel overwhelmed?


Use a timer. Set it for 5 minutes to start with. Once the buzzer goes off, stop doing what you're doing. Reward yourself. Then, go at it again tomorrow.

As you start feeling better, add 5-minute chunks to the timer. Till what you do, no longer feels unbearable. Even achieving this milestone deserves a reward.

Smart Scheming

Thinking about what you can do, to get active, may paralyze. As a depression self help guide, the answer is...Keep it simple.

Chop projects into mini-parts...

  • Clear the coffee table instead of tackling all of the living room.
  • Put tools back in the toolbox. Rather than totally reorganizing the garage.
  • Clean out the trunk of the car.
  • Sort one shelf at a time in the closet.


Reshuffle what's on the fridge door. Clean the bathroom sink, organize shoes by the front door.

Go outside and soak in one of the natural cures for depression. Pick a tiny spot in the garden. Pull out weeds. Or, make it a mission to go for a walk.

The takeaway?

Give yourself sensational rewards, without losing your shirt money-wise, for making efforts to get active.

As depression self help, rewarding yourself could be revolutionary in squashing disinterest. And, the perfect lure to egg on activity, a depression-killer. Don't you want to feel like a million bucks?

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