Effects of Depression
Solving Neck Pain

Crush the effects of depression with a no-sweat way to get rid of neck pain. You'll love looking forward to falling asleep, staying asleep. And, face tomorrow...pain-free.

Pain...Effects of depression

A stiff neck is no depression help. And, no good for your anxiety disorder.
If only you could sleep well, night after night. Recovery from depression improves when you do. And, you don't want soreness to be THE distraction keeping you from beating depression.

To solve neck pain from the effects of depression....Let's take a look at the pillow you sleep on.

Solving neck pain for the effects of depression

Ideally,you wake up...

  • Comfortable and relaxed.
  • Refreshed, with no soreness.

EXCEPT, you can...

Nurse the effects of depression with what you can control.

Choose the right pillow. And, you want outstanding results.

Here's help to make it happen...

Sleeping style

Let's find the position you like to sleep in...

It may be on your...

  • Back.
  • Stomach.
  • Curled up on your side.

Not sure?

The position you wake up in usually, is the one you're most comfortable with. And, often go to, when you're asleep.

But, here's the problem...

Your neck may turn and stretch. Stay in the same position for a long time. And, if nothing holds it properly, stiffness and pain is what you get. And, the effects of depression makes the pain feel much worse.

Don't worry...

Have pillows match your sleeping style to keep neck muscles loose. And, it's worth getting the best. Why wake up miserable, day after day?


What kind of pillow makes you dream of heavenly sleep?

  • Over-sized, fluffy and thick.
  • Low, soft and adjusts the way you like.
  • Allergy-free, not too soft, but not as hard as a plank, either. 

You breathe easy. You're cozy. Best of all, you sleep through the night. Grab extra tips here where depression medication can improve your sleep.


Does your pillow qualify?

Here's how you can compare. With what you currently have, and what's ideal for your sleep style...

Stomach sleepers

Thinnish, about 4 inches thick. Soft, fluffy is better. There's no strain.

Down-filled pillows are great. They're easy to tuck just the way you like. And, don't make noise to wake you up.

Back sleepers

The urge is to have a thick and hard pillow. But, this can hurt your neck. Medium for firmness and thickness, works. A larger-than-standard size pillow supports your shoulders, too.

Side sleepers

Shapes vary...

  • Upside-down 'candy cane' shape: The short end tucks under your neck. Head rests on the curve. And, the long end leans into your back.
  • Horseshoe shape: At one end, it adjusts to go under your neck. Head lies on the contour. The other end snuggles into the back of your head where it meets the neck.
  • Extra-long body pillow: Adjusts it till you're super comfortable with no space between your shoulders and neck. And, you can drape your leg over it to keep yourself from twisting. 

Pillow makeup

To lessen the effects of depression, you don't want pillows giving you allergies. Down and feather-filled ones can. So does latex. Ease your worries by getting tested for tolerance. Check out here how you can overcome depression handling these enemies.

In any case,...

Allergy-free pillows solves the problem. And, manufacturers love to show off this advantage.

As for material covering the pillow...

Fabric with a thread count of over 260 is terrific. It'll be soft, fill won't seep out. And, impurities stay out.

What's inside...


  • Inexpensive.
  • Quiet when you change position.
  • Dries quickly when cleaned.

...but soon, becomes lumpy and lifeless. Lasts about 6 months.


  • Great support, comfortable.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Firmness grade is more accurate than other types.
  • Bacteria, mold, mildew and dust mites aren't an issue.
  • Can leave an odor. And, turn you off. Talalay latex, though, goes through a process minimizing smell.


  • Cuddly and fluffy.
  • Quiet, long-lasting.
  • They can be machine-washed or require dry-cleaning.
  • Some companies treat the feathers for allergies. And, will say so on the label. But, dust mites can settle in.

Feathers (ex:duck)

  • Durable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Noisy.
  • Leave an odor.
  • Quills can poke through. However, pillow covers with a high thread count, or adding another cover, is a solution.

Memory foam

Designed to support where you need it. Does take some getting used to. But, you may just love what it does for you.

Keep in mind,...

It traps heat. So, to keep your head and neck cool, look for pillows specifying they do so. A pillow cover of quality cotton, like egyptian or sateen, with a 400ish thread count, side-steps the problem, too.

One more thing,...

Memory foam can be smelly. To freshen it up, take the pillow out for some air and sunshine.

Finding what you like

Go to the bedding department at your favorite store and explore. You'll get to know what you like. And, don't like.

Take notes on appealing pillows. And, mark down, in a separate column, the ones you don't like. It will help you remember come time to buy. Your decision then becomes easy.

Jot down...

  • Brand.
  • Firmness, thickness and size.
  • Type of fabric material and thread count.
  • Allergy-free or not.
  • What fills the pillow.

Here's more help...

  • Quality...What makes it so special?
  • When you squeeze, is it noisy?  Some brands allow an opening for you to find out.
  • How comfortable does it feel?
  • Would your neck and head approve? 

There are plenty of sales, competition is that strong. So, get the best. You'll have the supreme satisfaction of having what you want at a great price. How good is that?

Effects of depression are painful. A stiff neck is the reminder. But, the pillow giving no pain, helps you wake up less anxious. What a treat...a 'happy-to-be-here' and smiling YOU!

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