How To Overcome Depression
Hidden Enemies

Did you know how to overcome depression can be as simple as figuring out what to keep out of your mouth? If you're fed up with always feeling sick and can't manage your anxiety disorder, read on. Food allergies could be holding you back from living the life you ache for.

Food and depression have close ties. But, allergies to some foods can strip your efforts to get better.

That's not all,…

It can happen with any kind of food. What you love to eat every day. Even crave for.

Not every one can handle cereal grains, such as wheat and oats. Eggs, cow's milk, or sugarcane. Even nuts.

Besides the immediate, life-threatening allergic reaction, there is another. Harder to notice. Takes hours or days to develop. Yet, its effects...devastating.

Guess what?

Anxiety and depression have been linked to food allergies. Worse, negative reactions take longer to notice.
The good news is,...

How to overcome depression gets a supreme boost by cutting out foods you could be allergic to. Be the life-changer you've been looking for. The best part...overall, you'll feel a lot better.

Getting out of bed becomes easy. You'll enjoy choosing what to wear for the day. You might even look forward to going out for some fresh air where colossal benefits are up for grabs from one of these natural cures for depression. When was the last time you felt like that?

By now, you're probably wondering,...

“How do I know there's a problem?”

Sickness behavior

Your immune system could see certain foods as invaders. Small proteins, called cytokines, get involved. They carry messages between cells that tell your body “Deal with it!”
Eating and drinking habits, wanting to have sex, and body temperature, change. What's more, cytokines affect the serotonin level by lowering it. Mood sinks.

The backlash is sickness behavior. Remember how lousy you felt with a bad cold?

Except, you don't have one. But, are flooded with the same symptoms...

  • Foggy, listless, headaches.
  • Sleepless, achy, tired.
  • Fever, sinus congestion, runny nose. 


You might feel more aggressive, anxious, restless. Mood swings are intense. And, go after day.

You could also have....

  • Asthma.
  • Dark circles under your eyes.
  • Canker sores.
  • Hives, itchiness.
  • Irritated bowels. 

Something could be bombarding your system and...weakening it. Chronic health problems can get worse. For example, stability, important for managing bipolar disorder, can fall apart.

Now, get this,…

Besides foods commonly known to cause allergies, there are…

Hidden irritants

…Preservatives, food coloring and taste enhancers. Found in many of your favorite treats. These, too, could be making you sick.

Benzoic acid, a preservative in…

  • Jam.
  • Pickles.
  • Fruit juice. 

Tartrazine - food coloring - can give headaches, hives, make you itchy. Found in…

  • Cake mixes, ready-to-eat puddings.
  • Chocolate chips.
  • Sodas, flavored drink mixes. 

Find out the cheap way

Could it be foods causing allergies is related to your feeling crummy? There's a step you can take with how to overcome depression…

Know exactly what goes into your mouth.


Keep track with a food diary. By jotting down what you eat, how much and when. Plus, how you feel.

Go on with your normal food routine. That is, keep on eating what you eat.

But, in a notebook, use 2 pages for each day.

  • Page 1 - Write down what you eat and when. Include drinks.
  • Page 2 - Describe your mood. Especially, if there's a change. And, when you noticed it. 

Take notes every day for 2 weeks. Write down every single thing that goes into your mouth. Meals, gum, mints and candy, puddings, chips, drinks, everything.

Additives are important to add. But, there can be too many to list. So,...cut or tear out the labels. You'll need them later.

Include ingredients and seasonings. How meals were cooked...fried, baked, grilled, or roasted. What oils were used. Or, if foods were eaten raw.

Don't forget to write about your...

  • Mood.
  • Energy level.
  • Thoughts.

As well as…

  • Your skin health. Check for hives, skin breakouts.
  • Body temperature. Are you cold, sweaty, or feverish?
  • Breathing. Is it a struggle or effortless?
  • Digestion and elimination. Do you have cramps, diarrhea, or mucus in your stool?

Suspicious something might be going on? Then check it out with an allergist. You can both look at patterns and decide if testing is the next step. It might just be the depression help you've been looking for.

As a plus,…

Every few days, go over what you've written. It could be an eye-opener. You might even better understand the nature of your anxiety disorder symptoms


There are ways to check out food allergies as help with how to overcome depression. For example, the food elimination diet or skin test.

Food elimination diet

You're asked to avoid suspect foods for several weeks. Then, one by one, they're put back in to see if symptoms appear. A list of foods you can eat is also given during this period.

A warning,...

Be ready for withdrawal effects. You'll have cravings for foods you've grown used to eating every day. Expect symptoms, at first, to get worse. As your body cleans out, you'll feel better.

Skin test

It involves a scratch or prick on the skin. A small amount of the suspected allergen is placed on the area. If there's a reaction, the skin becomes red and swollen.

Another option involves patching unconfirmed allergens to your skin. Reactions are monitored over 2 days for redness or swelling.

How to overcome depression...bottom line

How to overcome depression needs your immune system to be strong. So you can focus on what you love to do. It could mean avoiding foods making you sick. But, the payoff is fantastic...You get your life back.

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