Natural Cures For Depression
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Of all natural cures for depression, this one's the cheapest. And, easy to control with anxiety disorder. Not only will you feel better, you'll look sensational!

Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, influences how well you feel. But, when you're depressed, it takes a hit. And, mood sinks.


It can get a boost. With little effort.

Serotonin loves bright light. Coming in through your eyes. And, by another way, too. Your skin. Yes, serotonin is present there, too.


What's the easiest of natural cures for depression?

Sunlight. In small doses. And, often.

Even going out on cloudy days is better than staying indoors in well-lit areas. And, your hard-earned money stays in your wallet. It's free!

Sunlight benefits

Sunshine is a stress-buster. Eases stiff, achy joints. Keeps you warm. Soothes.

What's more, you'll have...

  • Better-looking skin. Acne can clear up.
  • More zip in your energy.
  • An all-round 'I feel good' vibe.

You'll have an eye-catching, healthy look. Feel more confident. The load depression carries, isn't so heavy.

When was the last time you felt like that?

Best of all, short, repeated bouts of sunshine can be your depression stop it from coming back.

The key?

Don't overdo it. Skin cancer is a worry. Eye damage, leading to blindness. And, who wants leathery, wrinkled skin?

Natural cures for depression

A steady routine is comforting. For example, a regular sleep/wake cycle. Another one of the natural cures for depression. But, it can go out of whack.

You may end up sleepy during daytime. Instead of alert. At night, wide-awake and can't sleep.

The good news is...

Bright light can reset your inner clock. And, put back into sync your sleep/wake cycle.


Sunlight, especially early morning rays, stimulates serotonin production. You're awake, alert, calm. The kicker is, producing serotonin this way, also helps you fall asleep at night.

As the sun sets, it converts to melatonin, a hormone letting you know nightfall is around the corner. And, soon it's time to go to sleep. Melatonin's secretion peaks during darkness. And, lasts as long as it's dark.

Sunlight affects melatonin. In a big way. Your body needs to know when it's time to stop making it. A steady, healthy, sleep/wake cycle depends on it.

Sun's brightness is the switch to turn off melatonin. And, start producing serotonin...a natural cure for depression.

Are you a night owl?

It could be your body clock, for serotonin/melatonin conversion, starts later than for the early riser.

To keep your inner clock in sync and robust...

When you go to sleep, any light in your room is a no-no. It needs to be completely dark. And, stay dark till it's time to get up. Depression medication could fill in the gap for better sleep.

Once you're out of bed, a dose of sunshine can be had between 11 am – 2 pm. It'll turn off melatonin production. And, kick off serotonin, a natural cure for depression.

Firing up serotonin

To produce serotonin, as part of the natural cures for depression, when you first wake up, let sunlight in. Through your eyes. Without staring directly at the sun.

Sunshine without staring at the sun


  • Edge back the curtains. Slowly lift blinds. 
  • Have breakfast where the bright light floods the room. 
  • Better still, go outside and bask in the sunshine.

Do this regularly and expect dazzling effects as part of natural cures for depression.

Waking up to sunshine signals a new beginning. Beyond looking at scenery. Into what you think and feel.

Grogginess disappears. Your thoughts, less gloomy. With another chance at brightening how you feel. Sunlight, with its serotonin-boosting, depression-busting effect, can make this happen.

Photo sensitivity

You may be sensitive to sunlight. Brightness hurts your eyes. You burn easily. Or, take medication with photosensitivity as a side effect.

Tricyclic antidepressants or SSRI's are examples. They boost serotonin. Adding sunshine could produce too much. And, make you sick.

To have sunlight's natural anti-depressant effect, check with your doctor before trying this...

  • Go out 1-2 hours after sunrise.
  • Wear polarized gray sunglasses to cut glare.
  • Keep exposure time short.
  • Watch for burn, rash or hives.

With less morning heat, it may even help to keep the acute in your anxiety disorder from going crazy.

For night owls,...

At midday, UV rays are strongest. Exposure time needs to be short. Possibly, just minutes. To be safe, do ask your doctor for guidance to reap sunlight's health-boosting effects.

Short, sweet depression therapy

Soaking in sunlight, every day, for 5-10 minutes, juices up serotonin. But, rays need a direct path for this to work. Your eyes do the job. And, skin exposure.


For these precious quick sessions, no sunscreen, no sun glasses. And, shade-free.

During summer months, when wearing a bathing suit, more skin is exposed. Serotonin loves this. Not keen on the idea? Go sleeveless and wear short shorts.

Get this...

Longer periods spent in the sun, without protection, won't give extra benefits. But, instead, can hurt. Worse, harm.

You don't want...

  • Sunburn.
  • Glare.
  • To get overheated. Anxiety can kick in. Get ugly.


  • Keep it short, time-wise.  
  • To avoid the heat, go outside early in the morning. 
  • Look at scenery that won't make your eyes squint.

Sand, water, mirror-like windows, even bright paint from swimming pools, reflect UV rays. And, can damage your eyes. 

You still may want to stay out longer to enjoy the sun. After the short, sweet sunshine therapy, for UV protection, apply sunscreen. Wear a hat. And, 100% UV protective, polarized sunglasses.

Winter months

During winter, north of the northern hemisphere, sunlight, to beat depression, is a challenge. With late dawns, early sunsets, there's less time for it to have an effect.

The sun's stress-busting ability can be stone-walled. Serotonin has trouble juicing up. Your body clock can be thrown off.


Anxiety disorders alarm bells won't turn off. Symptoms worsen. And, depression, harder to keep away.


A light box, can help get your body clock stay in sync. And, halt melatonin production when it's time to be awake.

The serotonin level still can go up when you're out in bright winter days. Except,...

Too Bright

There's a danger...Glare.

From snow, ice. What's white.  Or cars and windows. Your eyes squint in pain, it's so bright.  Corneas can burn. And, the effect, eventually...clouded vision, eye damage.

Ultra-violet rays need to be kept out. From all angles.


Wear glacier goggles. Or, polarized, with 100% UV protection, wide glasses to keep your eyes safe.


With a 20-30 minute walk, you can still reap the benefits of daylight. Even with goggles, parts of your face are exposed to the sun.


Crisp, cold air refreshes. Endorphins, a natural antidepressant, by walking as exercise, kick into gear. You'll feel snug, cozy...when dressed for the part.

Learn how to dress right for winter by It's a short, clean video. Be sure not to miss the 4 steps, further down the page.

Of all natural cures for depression, sunlight is the cheapest way to beat depression. It's masterful at soothing. Helps you feel good all over. So, go outside and feel its rays hug you. It sure beats the pants off staying inside, feeling miserable.

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