Postpartum Depression Symptoms
Lower Back Pain Relief

One of postpartum depression symptoms, sensitivity to pain, clips your wings when you need them most. Your anxiety disorder could be driving you crazy. And, finds your weak spot. Is lower back pain keeping you from loving to mother your baby?  

Look no further.

There are easy tips, right here, for back pain relief. With a bonus ...your tummy can tighten up, too!

There may have been soreness in early pregnancy. And, during the last trimester. Now, the baby is older, but the ache is still there. Does pain in your lower back ever go away?

Keep in mind...

Stomach muscles stretch, then weaken, during pregnancy. Your pelvis loosens up to ease delivery. Weight gain is inescapable.

Post-birth...There's exhaustion to deal with. You're overwhelmed, nerves are raw. And, you can't shake off gloominess. Maybe you haven't yet met the pulverizer in vitamins for depression.

With postpartum depression symptoms...You're far more sensitive to pain.

That's not all,...

Stress always finds the weak spot. Your lower back is the easy target.

Postpartum depression symptoms backlash

The way you carried yourself during pregnancy, changed. You may have waddled like a penguin. A bulging tummy threw off your center of gravity. And, you leaned back abnormally to make up for it.

You could have also...

  • Slouched while sitting.
  • Stood too much.
  • Didn't take it easy enough.
  • Bent over awkwardly.
  • Twisted to get up or lie down.

To top it off,...

The level of relaxin, a hormone charged with keeping your joints and ligaments loose for delivery, went way up. But, didn't drop right after birth. 

The effect?

Ligaments are jelly-like. Loose. Your back, unstable. And, it won't take much to hurt it...

  • You pick up, hold, and put your baby down. Dozens of times a day.
  • Lean over the crib and use just your back to handle your infant.
  • Carry a heavy diaper bag and your baby. Haul the stroller out the door.
  • Overstretch to get your baby in and out of the car seat.

Is this happening to you?

Check out how you can beat postpartum depression and dodge back pain.

For an instant fix...

  • Use your legs and bend your knees instead of making your back do all the work.
  • When you can, as often as you can, have someone else carry extras and handle chores.

Pain Relief

Abdominal muscles help lift your baby. Take part while you sit, lie down or get up. And, it's a big-wheel with how you look and feel when dressing up.


They get weak during pregnancy.

Though postpartum depression symptoms are present, you can make lower abs strong. There are mini-exercises that don't sap your energy. Or, your time. And, they're easy to learn, too.

What's in it for you?

  • Your bladder holds better. No embarrassing leaks.
  • Bowel movements improve. Less bloated, you aren't so self-conscious.
  • Sex satisfies because muscles respond. Joy!

Relief from lower back pain is what you crave for. Strong lower abs help you have it.

News flash!

Two exercises will do the trick. And, it takes less than 5 minutes to do both.


Make sure your doctor rules out back injury. For example, a loose sacroiliac joint or herniated disc.

If you've had a caesarian, DO NOT DO before the doctor says it's okay to go ahead.

But, before getting started,...

Here's how you can lie down on the floor without hurting your back...

No strain, no pain

1) Rest a knee on the floor. Place your hand 12 inches away. Lower the other knee.

2) Edge your hand farther away. Drop your behind, slowly, till your thigh rests on the floor...

3) Like this...

4) Bend your arm till hand-to-elbow rests on the floor. You're not quite sideways, but not looking at the ceiling, either.

5) Ease down till your shoulder, then head, touch the floor. Gently roll onto your back.

Trouble with motivation to do this? Don't miss depression treatment to get it back and lick postpartum depression symptoms.


Let's get on with 2 exercises to relieve the postpartum depression symptom of lower back pain...

Reverse curl-ups

If you have a mat to lie on, use it. It's more comfortable and cozy.
For neck support, tightly roll up a hand towel and slide it under your neck. It'll keep your head steady. Ease strain.


  • Loosely clasp your hands over your head.
  • Slide your feet towards you. Then, lift them till your lower legs are parallel to the floor.
  • Cross your feet.
  • Tilt your hips up till your back flattens out. 

Focus on your lower abdomen. Tighten it. It doesn't have to be a monster clutch..a little is all you need.

Without swinging your hips, pull the knees towards your chin...3-5 inches.  Hold... 2 seconds. Release...while you exhale.

Take your time while you repeat 14 more times.

Relax for a minute.

Now, you're ready for the next super-powerful exercise.

A warning,...

There'll be some strain on your inner thigh muscles. They may even feel sore for a few days. Massage them lightly after each session to lessen the aggravation.


Deep muscles in the groin area will get stronger. And, takes the load off your back.

Passing legs

This exercise, at first, feels awkward. By day 3, you'll have the hang of it.

To ease back strain, knees stay bent during the whole set.

  • Lay on the floor – using the new technique you learned.
  • Slide your feet till they're 2 feet away from your bum.
  • Tuck your tummy in, so your back flattens out. 

As you bring your foot back to the floor, lift the other leg. Time it so your legs pass each other in mid-air.  As your right heel touches the floor softly, the left knee goes, as far as it can, to its matching armpit. Hold for 1-2 seconds.

Then, lower the left knee while lifting your right foot. Repeat 15 times for each leg. You've completed 1 set.

Stick with one set for each exercise till you feel super comfortable. Then, add another. And, another till 3 sets, ultimately, keep these tiny, important muscles in superb shape.

To show you how it's done...

Here's a short, excellent video of passing legs narrated by Ron Summers. He's given it a different name. But, it's the same exercise. Slow and controlled give best results.

Struttin' your stuff

The way you hold yourself changes. It'll be a piece of cake to tuck your tummy in. Back pain dissolves.  Clothes look better on you because you walk straight.. And, you'll feel like a million dollars!

Part of postpartum depression symptoms involves higher sensitivity to pain, especially in your lower back. Firm up tired, overstretched muscles to get you out of agony. You'll love bonding with your baby. Have the confidence you crave for. And, your dream 'to make it as a mom'  comes true!

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