Postpartum Depression
How To Beat It

Postpartum depression steals magical, valuable time you can have with your baby. Give it the boot. Your anxiety disorder won't get worse. Don't you want to be the best mom you can be?

Giving birth is a major event. Can leave you overwhelmed. And, depressed...common after delivery.

Add this to...

Afraid you won't be a good mom, can set off panic attacks. Anxiety disorder can reappear. Or, go out of control.

A Must, not a luxury

Postpartum depression can sneak in weeks, months, even a year after delivery. Disappear. Then, return with a vengeance. And, hang on.


The tendency, after giving birth, is to overdo it. With little sleep, no rest. You can trick your mind, but not your body.


6 weeks of sleep deprivation makes ugly what could be the happiest time of your life.

Rest is a MUST, not a luxury. Make it your priority.                                           

And, expect...

  • How you feel,...better, while caring for your baby. Content. Delighted. Proud.
  • Your poise impresses your partner.
  • Talents, you never knew you had, shine. Prove you can be a good mom.

Want to avoid postpartum depression? Here's the key. And, it's golden...

Sleep...every chance you get

Photo "Sleep Don't Weep" by kudomomo under CC BY 2.0/resized

Friends and family love to visit when baby arrives. can be pooped out. Totally.

Add your infant's demanding schedule. With no time to recoup. The danger is...postpartum depression can slip in.

But, let's suppose...

Relatives, friends want to drop by. Cuddle baby. It's the perfect excuse to go for a snooze, in another room. 2 extra hours of zzz's. Sweet!

Tip for moms with a newborn...

Nap, every chance you get. Especially, when baby sleeps.


Taking a break from housekeeping is good medicine. The effort of tidying up can wipe you out. But, put it on the back-burner. At the very least, till your baby's routine settles. You won't regret it.

Get fidgety while you think of cutting back? Maybe your anxiety disorder symptoms need decoding.


Friends and family can come to the rescue. It's a terrific way to stay in touch. And, they won't feel left out.

Spread the word. As offers come in, agree on a time. And, what they can help with.

Put it on a calendar. Each week, get in touch to reconfirm. And, when they come, welcome them with open arms.

While you nap...

They can do...

  • Laundry, fold, iron.
  • Groceries.
  • Vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms. 

Pitch in to...

  • Cook meals, clean the kitchen.
  • Run errands.
  • Take the baby for walks or car rides. 

Help with seasonal work...

  • Weed and care for the garden. Do yard work.
  • Spring-clean.
  • Winterize your home.

You'll love this...
There's less to do. You can enjoy mothering your baby. With more time to sleep, you'll beat fatigue. Friends and family feel good about helping.

Postpartum depression help

You may feel anxious. Confused by where this comes from. And, exhausted. Here's the nitty gritty on what is anxiety.

To conserve energy...

Keep baby supplies nearby and doubled up. You won't have to trudge up and down stairs all day long. 3 trips a day, tops, is perfect.

Breastfeeding? Keep a jug of fresh water on each floor. And, beside the night table. You won't have to go to the fridge every time you need to drink.

With that said,...

Lay off...

  • Catching up with phone calls, emails.
  • Surfing the Net, computer time.
  • Social media.

Instead, sleep or lie down and rest. The cutback is temporary. You will get up to speed with current affairs. Give yourself the time to re-energize with rest. Why toy with 4 signs of acute anxiety disorder because you don't want to miss anything?

But, let's suppose...

There are scary symptoms and you want answers. Reach out online to postpartum depression - PPD - groups or mommy blogs. Moms, who've have been around the block, can provide support so you don't feel so alone.

Measure time spent there. Carefully. So, it won't, then, creep its way into your rest and recovery stints.


Life with baby will settle down. You'll be back to fun and games in a jiffy.

Beef up quality sleep

Boost the odds of a terrific night's sleep with these steps ...

  • Sleep in a dark, quiet room.
  • Shut off the TV, computer, tablets.
  • Turn off or unplug phones. 

Taking turns

Nap when your partner gets home from work. First, let your mate unwind. Shower and change clothes. And, settle down for 30 minutes before you go and rest.

On weekends, swap roles. Sleep while your significant other changes diapers and clothes. Takes the baby for walks or a car ride.

While the baby naps, you both can go lie down and sleep.

Extra shut-eye

For nighttime feedings, take turns to give your baby the bottle.

If you breastfeed, it's not a bad idea to pump then freeze the milk. And, sleep while your partner or trusted relative feed the baby. Or, have them change the diaper. And, bring the baby to you for nursing.

The best mom you can be

Your baby loses out when postpartum depression numbs your feelings of warmth and tenderness. You do, too.

Why let it erase the most satisfying time of your life? You can feel content, generous and fulfilled,...while getting to know your baby.

Fact is,…

Postpartum depression steals what's precious...Taking care of your baby. Before getting tired and wired, rest. As often as you can. You'll qualify as the mom who's doing everything she can for her baby to be happy.

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