Social Anxiety Disorder
Need A Lifesaver?

In social anxiety disorder, your self-esteem is blown to bits. Negative core beliefs could be the problem. What will it take for a turnaround?

5 words sum up the terror...All eyes are on you. 

You may not know why. But, sure know the feeling. You're scared stiff. And, desperate not to give up a secret. About yourself.

So you try to hide what you don't want others to know about you. To avoid shame. Embarrassment. Being judged. To make things worse, the tension can be so bad, a panic attack can sneak in.

Needless to say...

Your self esteem takes a beating. What you're afraid to show, could show up. And, what you try to control, goes out of control. It isn't pretty.

Social anxiety disorder thrives in this scenario. It's the perfect feeding ground with a hellish result. Isolation. Loneliness.

The question is...

Are others really paying close attention to your uneasiness?  Or, do you believe they do.

It's easy to be convinced they notice what you think is wrong with you. But, believing this is true, shows something else. And, a key to remove chains holding you back from feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Social Anxiety Disorder and Flaws

Social anxiety often births during teenage years. Your psyche is fragile. You want to fit in so bad with the crowd. Where's that book on “How To Be Cool!” when you need it?

In social anxiety disorder...

You're very aware of YOU. In particular, with how others size you up. Looks, how you handle yourself, what you say, is put under the microscope. Yours. But, you're convinced others are doing the same thing.

You may obsess about your flaws. With no inkling others are consumed by their own.

Faults in your...

  • Appearance. 
  • Character.
  • Ways you relate to others.
  • Ways to hide anxiety.

And, believe, for example...

  • I'm ugly.
  • I'm a klutz.
  • I dress like a jerk.


  • I'm stupid.
  • I'm a coward.
  • I'm boring.
  • I sputter.

What's more,...

Any mistake made in public is disaster. And, rejection guarantees loneliness. When black mood swamps your life, see about clinical depression. It may be the sneak causing the problem.

Did you decide something?

One symptom of social anxiety disorder is being self-conscious. Thoughts rule your mind with what you want to say. But, don't. Ways to act. But, shrink from.

Self-absorption, itself, isn't a bad thing. But, when it's extreme and never-ending, thoughts become fact. The truth as you know it. And, unshakable.

You lean on them, too. They're your beliefs. Conclusions you've made about yourself.

You won't even flirt with other possibilities than what you believe is the truth about yourself. The ONLY truth.

You may have explained to yourself long ago,...

  • I'm not good enough.
  • Mistakes, failure are bad.
  • I'm not important.

And, even added...

  • No one listens to me.
  • I'm not funny.
  • I'm geeky.
  • I'm a loser.

Extreme self-consciousness, in social anxiety, increases access to this kind of negativity. It's all you notice.

In situations where you might be asked to say or do something in front of other people, you 'see'  the truth about yourself. Right there, everywhere. And, in social anxiety disorder, you're positive everyone else sees the same thing.

Social Anxiety Disorder - Do others really 'see' your flaws?

Fingering the Anxiety

You may be in for a surprise. Others may actually feel safe around you. Comfortable. So, how come you don't see this? Feel it?

There's got to be an ultimate rescue. It could be the depression help you want...need.

Here it is...

Finger the culprit making you feel uncomfortable. Is it others focused on you?  Or, the meaning you give to being in the spotlight.

The source of the anxiety is the meaning you give to the situation. The “I'm not good enough.” - “I'll make a mistake.” - “I'm an idiot.” becomes the event.

To you, there is no difference between what you're thinking and the setting you find yourself in. Believing, to the core, the situation is the truth. About you. Plastered everywhere.

News flash...

Can you describe the shape of “I'm an stupid.”?  The color? Where it is, exactly? If you can't point it out, others can't either.

While not-so-healthy beliefs have been in your head all this time, there are others, too. Non-negative. Eye-catching, great ones.

Do you know what qualities you have? Would it change the game? Take a look-see at Positive Attributes by Sacred Heart and find out.

Belief Makeover

Beliefs that make you feel less than what you deserve to be, can, with gusto, be given the boot. So, you can have impressive conversations. Super friendships. The career you ache for.

Psychotherapists, with expertise on tackling beliefs hurting you, can help knock them off. Why settle for loneliness? Live more life instead of less of it.



  • Therapists with know-how in attachment problems.
  • Neurolinguistic Therapy – NLPt (United Kingdom, Europe).
  • The Lefkoe Method.

...To draw out beliefs shriveling your life. And, dump them.

You won't regret it.

With social anxiety disorder, it may seem like all eyes are on you.  But, is it situations or beliefs about yourself causing social phobia? You'll be astonished by the truth. And, it can set you free.

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