Today is gone, tomorrow is a new day

How was bad sleep making your life miserable?
Wasn't sleeping. Only going on 3 hours of sleep a night, if that.

What made it super important to make a change?
I could find I wasn't 'functioning like I used to, and anxiety /worry became worse took over my life completely"

Tell us your magic formula for awesome sleep. Don't miss a thing!
Don't really have one yet. Wish I did cuz tried a lot of different natural things like cherry tart, magnesium, melatonin, etc. I still have trouble sleeping.

Clue us in on where your life feels a lot better.
When I take 5 or 19 minutes, cause I lead a very busy life, to sit down a either read , color, or do a brain teaser puzzle

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Jul 02, 2017

by: Jennifer


Thank you so very much for sharing what you find hard to get good sleep because of anxiety disorder. And, what you do about it.


The gold nugget on what makes you feel better.

Not taking time to 'dial back and reset' is too easy to forget. 5 to 19 minutes is a terrific measure to go by.

It's a winner!


I'm really glad, you brought it up.

Keep on keepin'. And, do give an update on how you are doing. Other readers may pick it up and discover it can help them with depression medication for better sleep.

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